Meet The Coach: Raul Joey Lopez

Fitness guru, Nutritionist, Life Coach!


Joey, originally from San Diego County came to CSU, Long Beach in 2007 to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. Meanwhile, Joey was honing his coaching skills as a certified personal trainer working with athletes, fat loss clients and unconventional methods. His college years were transformative in his way of thinking and living. It was then that the wheel of well being was understood and became his pleasure, passion and purpose.

Through Joey's own experiences he was able to see how this wheel can be deficient in one or more areas. Now, Joey loves to discuss, write about and coach people to their greatest well being through compassion and truth.



Ignite Fitness Well Being


IGNITE Well Being is a community that is here to serve you and your greater community by optimizing your health in the core areas of Well Being, Mindset, Fitness, Finances, Purpose/Work and Relationships.

IGNITE Well Being does this through specific practices and educational programs. Each of these programs help attack the most pressing issues in each of the core areas of well being that lead to poor health. For example, Obesity is one of the greatest issues affecting our health that is a direct result of what we do with our food and our bodies. The awesome part of this knowledge is that we can do something about it. The power is in your hands and the tools are with us. We simply have to connect you with the tools to accomplish minimizing body fat.

The ultimate goal of IGNITE is that together as we help transform yours and our lives we can help to transform our entire community for the better.

Let us serve you.

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